Seneca Land Association of Quartet Champions

Welcome to the brand-new SLAQC website. The purpose of this site is to serve as a means of communication to all SLAQC members. Please make sure you visit the "SLAQC Roster" page and make sure we have your most current contact info. We plan to use this information to keep you informed of all SLD Champ info and events.

Well, we had a wonderful SLAQC meeting in September at the Fall 2015 convention. We crowned a new quartet champion and gained three brand-new members. President, Kevin Jones ran a great meeting and made great strides in furthering developing the organization. In case you missed the meeting, have a look at the posted minutes and catch up on what you missed.

Wonderful to have Tim Taggart back in SLD. He has recently moved back from Houston, TX. Great to see you, Tim! We also had the honor of having Kent (and Karen) Martin, tenor of the 1980 Boston Common join us for the meeting on Friday night. For the second staright year, SLAQC hosted an awesome hospitality room which was a hit.

The subject of this website came up once again. It was decided that we will continue the website and Bob Coant will solicit the assistance of George Azzam in helping with updating content, coming up with new ideas and maintaining the site. Thanks George!


Bob Coant
1997 Cornerstone

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