Seneca Land Association of Quartet Champions

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To All my Barbershop SLAQC Brethren,

I hope the summer was great for everyone. What an incredible time was had at some of our outings for some members. Our POW-WOW and Chautauqua outings were great. It was wonderful to see more and more SLAQC members present at these events. As always, I look forward to the day of us overwhelming these events with our presence.

With that being said, it is time once again for our Fall Convention, our Bi-Annual SLAQC meeting, and our 'In Memoriam' dedication to our brothers in the chapter eternal.

Below is a list of some items that will be discussed during our meeting. This meeting will be directly following our Friday Quartet Contest (the location is still being determined within the convention Center). During this meeting, we will have our business meeting as usual, and be performing a run-through of our 'In Memoriam' Song "That Old Quartet Of Mine" as sung by the Boston Common. The learning tracks and charts for this are still on our website . Please be prepared on this song - All I can say is that we have to make a better presentation than last year. Even if this means holding our members to a higher standard to put our best foot forward for our district. We are champions, and have to portray ourselves as such. I truly hope that you all understand and will do your best to be prepared to SING your hearts out when it comes to this song. We will adapt accordingly to make this the best presentation we can.

Also, SLAQC has been requested to fill an urgent need at the upcoming convention. There is a need for monitors for the doors coming In and Out of the convention hall during all three contests. We have been asked to asist with this, and I am asking for volunteers to step forward to help. Please email me at so I may provide some times and names to the appropriate people.

As it has been a huge success for the last 2 conventions, we are continuing with our HOSPITALITY ROOM at this convention. As always, we are asking for our members and their respective families to provide much needed FOOD and DRINKS for this convention. The last couple of conventions, this has been handled by a small minority. The more people we have that can bring items, the better it is for all. Please email me with any food or items that you will be bringing so I can make the appropriate list and make sure we dont have any doubled items. This has been and continues to be a great way to show everyone in our district we are one of them, and invite our brethren to join us in song.

Our 'Toast to the Champs' is being handled again this year by David Cloyd and Rich Schlaegel (I know I probably mispelled the last name). Thanks again guys for helping us out with this as it is a special moment for all of us when we welcome our new members.

Some items for our agenda will include:

Communication -
Membership -
Fundraising -
Hospitality Room -
'In Memoriam' Song / SLAQC Chorus -

As always, I invite any feedback from our members and look foward to seeing you all at our upcoming convention in Rochester, NY. It is guaranteed to be a fun time with a lot to do.

Thanks so much for all of your attention as usual, and please do what you can to be there and be part of this great convention.

Yours In Crazy Barbershop Harmony,

Kevin Jones
President SLAQC